The municipality below provides garbage, recycling and compost collection for businesses and institutions. Visit their website for more information.

The municipalities below DO NOT provide garbage, recycling and compost collection for business and institutions. It is the responsibility of businesses to contract with a private hauler. Check out the resources and FAQs below for more information.

Note: Visit the City of Abbotsford website to access their specific resources


  • My customers and neighbours are concerned about attracting pests and odours from the compostables collection bins.

    Pests and odour can be kept to a minimum with regular emptying and cleaning of food waste containers.

    Most businesses already know how to manage for pests and odour because organic waste has always been present in the garbage. It is now in a separate bin.

    Businesses need to manage their organics collection bins in order to reduce nuisances such as pests and odour. Talk to your waste hauler about options such as:

    • Switching in clean bins after collection
    • Using a pre-approved bin liner when available
    • Having bins cleaned at time of collection
    • More frequent collection during hot weather
    • Reducing free liquids in your organics collection.

    Commercial bin-cleaning services are also available.

  • Will this increase my collection costs?

    Many communities and businesses in the Fraser Valley are already successfully recycling and composting. Costs or savings are determined by how effectively waste is managed. For instance, as customers and staff recycle and compost more, the size of garbage bin or the frequency of collection can be reduced, which can recover some of the costs of composting.

  • What packaging material can I compost?

    A lot of food-soiled paper such as paper plates and paper napkins are compostable. Let your waste hauler that you intend to compost, and recycle, everything you can. Examples of compostable materials include;
    • Paper towels/napkins
    • Paper egg cartons
    • Food-soiled newspaper
    • Waxed cardboard
    • Paper bags and paper liner bags used for collecting scraps
    • Paper plates
    • Take-away food packaging

  • I’ve found some plastic bags that are labelled compostable or biodegradable. Can I use them?

    In general, plastics, including those marked biodegradable, and similar items are not accepted with compostables as they contaminate the finished product and reduce its value.

    You need to confirm with your hauler if you are allowed to use any plastic liners for your compostables collection.